A Church Where Jesus Christ Is Truly Magnified!

Our Ministries



Dwight Greenwell (Chairman); John Holland (Vice Chairman);  Willie Brown;  Greg Bryant;  Jimmy Morgan;  Otha Morgan;  Roderick Parker;  J.C. Rice; Robert Rice; Nate Robinson; Tracy Smith; Bobby Thompson;  Franklin Williams;  Kenny Williams;  Richard Hall


A. Dean Martin (Chairperson);  Bonita Holland (Vice Chair);  Lenora Bean (Emeritus); Sandra Boone; Joy Bryant;  Wini Chambliss;  Jackie Greenwell;  Will Mae Banks;  Anna Mitchell;  Arcola Morgan; Geraldine Morgan;  Antonia Parker;  Margaret Porter;  Mable Rice;  Yolanda Thompson;  Stephanie Robinson;  Patricia Smith; Joyce  Tropet;  Emma Williams

Sunday School Department

"O Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together." (Psalms 34:3)

Come Join and Grow With Us!

The Pastor and Sunday School Department wish to extend an invitation for you to come and enjoy a glorious time of fellowship as we learn how to apply biblical principles to our daily lives.  Our adult classes for men and women meet every Sunday Morning at 9:00 am. 

Our Children's Ministry classes meet on the first, second, third and fifth Sundays upstairs at 10 am.  We look forward to fellow-shipping with you and your family this Sunday!

Our teachers are eager to welcome you into their classes.  They bring into the classroom the wealth of their own life experience, knowledge, and dedication to the teaching process as led by the Spirit of God.  You will meet some really cool people who will be interested in meeting you.

Deacon Robert Rice, Sunday School Superintendent

Men's Class:

Teachers: Deacon John Holland 

Women's Class:

Teacher: Deaconess Wini Chambliss

New Members Class:

Teachers: Deacon Bobby Thompson

Children's Ministry:

Teacher: Sister Charlene English (Director); Deaconess Antonia Parker; Sis. Denina Carroll; Sis. Halle Erickson;  Deaconess Yolanda Thompson

Come on and join us.  If you need a ride, we provide bus service.  

The number to call for more information on the bus service is (831) 394-5118.

For pick up times on Sunday morning. Pick up areas are: 

Monterey, Seaside, Marina and Fort Ord.

Thank you,

Music Department

The Music Department provides you an opportunity to utilize your vocal talents.

Sanctuary Choir: Sings on the 1st & 2nd Sunday

Sister Karlette Anderson, President

Deaconess Bonita Holland, Vice President

Sis. Joann White, Secretary

Deaconess Anna Mitchell, Treasurer,

Bro. Walter Davis, Director

Male Chorus:  Sings on the 3rd Sunday

Deacon Robert Rice, Director

Youth & Young Adult Choir:  Sings on the 4th Sunday

Deacon Roderick Parker, President

Deaconess Antonia Parker, Directors

Women's Chorus:  Sings on the 5th Sunday

Sister Latrice Buggs, Chairperson

Sis. Rene Kidd, Vice Chairperson

Deaconess Wini Chambliss, Director

Musicians: Sis. Patt Caison & Deacon Richard Hall

Media Arts

Sis. Latrice Buggs, Chairperson

Women's Missionary Union (WMU)

The Women's Missionary Union is a place for every woman, young, old, experienced and inexperienced.  They are active participants in the society and circles. The purpose of the WMU Department is to unite all women of the Church into a Missionary Program that will stimulate growth in witnessing and working in the Church, home and community.

The WMU is used for training purposes to help develop leadership and a finer womanhood. It will train women for all types of services in the missionary program. More importantly, Missionary Education is needed in all church programs. It is of vital importance.  Missionary Education is the sum of all our efforts to cultivate in children, young people, and adults a Christ-Like concern for people of every race, class and origin.

Real fellowship cannot take place in large groups. But in an atmosphere where there is face-to-face interaction, each individual has a chance to actively express herself. This is conducive to a close, personal and bonding fellowship.

Deaconess Joy Bryant, Director

Deaconess Stephanie Robinson, 1st Vice Director

Sister Corma Sumpter, Secretary

Sister Barbara Holland, Treasurer

The following Ministries are under the Leadership of the WMU Department:


Teacher: Deaconess Antonia Parker


Chairperson: Deaconess Will Mae Banks


Chairperson: Deaconess Stephanie Robinson


Chairperson:  Sis. Vera Coleman


Sister Vera Coleman


Sister Jayne Harris


Sister Odessa Coleman

Youth Department

The Teens & Young Adults meet every Thursday Night at 6:00pm. (Ages 13-25)

Director:  Sister Charlene English

JW PAIGE Scholarship

The J.W. Paige Scholarship Committee honors Academic Achievements attained by our members twice annually. The awards are given out on the 4th Sunday in February and the 4th Sunday in July.  Also, we recognize all of our graduates on the 4th Sunday in July.

The following Accomplishments are recognized:

Graduation, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Athletic Awards (MVP), & Community Awards (Jefferson Award)

Chairperson: Sis. Diana Camel